Always Beware The Celebrity Endorsement

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There can be no doubt about it, celebrity sells. Look at the advertisements shown during the breaks in your favorite TV program, and you will notice that at least half of them feature a celebrity in one way or another. The message that these ads seek to convey is that you should want this product, because the celebrity has one and thinks it is great.

It is important to be a little bit cynical about this use of celebrities, because when it comes down to it there is no real way of knowing that the celebrity actually uses or even likes the product. They are paid money to say they do, and there is a long list of things that people will do for money. Lying about a product is not even one of the more outlandish ones.

It is better to feel that a company has put their money into developing a product that really works than to think that they have spent the huge fees that most celebrities can command in order to convince people that this product is what they want. So when it comes to firming your abs, don’t look at the celebrity endorsing the product. Look at what the ad tells you.

If there is sound scientific research underpinning why a product works, this should always be more convincing in persuading you to part with your money than any kind of endorsement. It is more important to know why something works than to know who says it does. People can be bought, principle cannot.

Why Everyone Wants A Six Pack

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The six-pack has taken on a level of importance in people’s imaginations that is stunning to behold. The lengths to which people will go to look better and have rock-hard abs are impressive, but can be a little bit scary too. Why do people go to such lengths to have something that many other people seem to manage well without?

In some ways, the mythology that surrounds the six pack comes from the same place as the peer pressure that is often blamed for people developing eating disorders. It is not quite true to say that where girls develop eating disorders, guys will over-exercise to achieve a six pack, but there is definitely some spirit of truth in the argument.

Just as young female pop stars and celebrities tend to be skinny and energetic – which encourages those who idolise them to try and be the same – the male objects of female desire tend to be quite “sculpted”. Male pop stars are frequently possessed of a “six pack”, and lusted over by girls and gay men. To be more attractive, guys will often seek to develop a six pack of their own.

There are ways and means to achieve the six pack, and this is an important consideration. Some people will take short cuts to get the look, and when you take a short cut you may well be at risk of taking a wrong turn. There are ways to achieve the look without taking a wrong turn, and it is important to avoid this.

The Perils Of Over-Exercising

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For someone who is not fond of jargon, the modern world can be an incredibly frustrating and annoying place. We are told to push the envelope, feel the burn, and pick the low-hanging fruit until such time as we want to push the envelope down the throat of the person telling us all of this. One saying which has become annoying over the years is “Don’t work harder, work smarter!”.

The reason that this phrase has become annoying is fairly simple – overuse. In fact, the phrase has not been worked smarter, it has been worked harder because, once you analyse it, it is a pretty good piece of advice and is worth paying some attention to. There are many people who are never out of the gym and yet they can’t produce the same results as those who take days off here and there.

If you want perfect abdominal muscles, the truth is that you won’t get them by throwing yourself into an incredibly intense gym routine that requires you to be through the doors first thing in the morning and not leave until the sky has gone dark. If you do this, you are going to injure yourself, and you’ll be out of the gym for even longer than you expected.

You do need to work hard, but pushing this to its furthest limit is only a recipe for pain and failure. Instead of exercising all the time, stick to a routine and make the best of the time that you are exercising. Instead of hitting the gym every day, let your body recover and strengthen before going back, and then profit from the strength you have gained to build more